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Logistics & Export Process


Our commodity of coffee has been our greatest passion. Today, Coffee Beans Africa is among the best-known and most proficient logistics service providers when it comes to the storage, transport, and processing of green coffee beans. We can handle hundreds and thousands of tons of both Arabica and Robusta coffee from more than 60 countries around the world. 

With this, general transport matters, logistics means the optimisation operation of the location, movement, and storage of resources, until to the point of origin, and through various economic activities, passing through the consumer. The movement of cargo went first through the ports and next to long various inland routes. These procedures transfer into the direct cost of cargo movements which are embedded into a quoted freight rates of transportation.

Kampala Uganda to Mombasa Port in Kenya, also known as the southwest terminus, or via Mombasa to Kisangani route. We do mainly transport this kind of commodities in bulk containers.

Export coffee from Uganda and Kenya is transported either along the 2,000km Mombasa-Bujumbura route, also known as the southwest terminus or via the 3,000km Mombasa-Kisangani route. Transport between Uganda and Kenya is along the 1,170km Mombasa-Malaba-Kampala road which is preferred because of its relative good quality. All these routes are part of the Northern Corridor.

This corridor is a network of roads, railways, inland waterways, and inland depots that link the port of Mombasa to Kenya’s hinterland, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). These countries comprise the East African Community, a regional intergovernmental organization that includes South Sudan and Tanzania. All have now computerized clearance and electronic tracking of coffee cargo and other goods along the corridor.

Cargo is dropped at the Inland Container Depot in Nairobi by truck for clearance while imported coffee cargo from Mombasa port will be offloaded at the same depot before released for last-mile transportation.

Every customer is important to us, be it a small enterprise or a major coffee roaster and dealer.